Champagne Label HVE Haute valeur environnementale
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Our vines

“Our feet on the ground and nature in the hollow of our hands”

Deeply attached to the preservation of our terroir, we have been committed to responsible and sustainable viticulture from more than 17 years. We were therefore one of the first producers in Champagne to plant specially-selected grass species in our vines (cover planting). For some time now we have also been using an alternative and collective method to fight grape-worms, known as "sexual confusion".

Everyday in our plots, manual techniques are used, which allow us to keep a close watch over the development and health of our vines: from pruning to trellising, from biding to disbudding, everything is manual.

Today the benefits of the special care we gave our vines can be observed : the biodiversity is maintained, the soils are protected, the erosion is limited, and the grapevine roots developed , of course the phytosanitary products have been significantly reduced .

Our aim is to give our soils the utmost respect in order to express the organoleptic qualities with authenticity and reveal the subtlety of our champagne.
The culmination of these special treatments is, strictly speaking, the grape harvest, which is carried out entirely by hand, reflecting an entire year’s labour of love.

Our desire to work in harmony with nature is also reflected in our landscaping work, for instance, recently, we set up a low wall made in cavernous millstone rocks collected in Moussy.

In February 2016 the family-run production was certified "Viticulture durable en Champagne" and "Haute Valeur Environnementale" for its sustainable and responsible methods, acting as official recognition of the environmentally-friendly practices we have been relying on for several years.