classement meilleur champagne

Family portraits today

Nature's accomplices


Pascal's professional life early began with a career in the army. When the grapevines called him, he was ready. Pascal is committed to his work, respecting the environment and  the wine-growers around him. He talks to his vines and never misses an opportunity to visit them on Sundays. Curious and keen on passing his knowledge, he loves talking about his job and always strives for introducing new techniques, as he did when he first began planting cover crops in his vineyard 17 years ago.

Sandrine, altruistic and curious

Sandrine is the daughter of wine growers, she was looking forward to exploring the world by joining a bank as a customer relations manager. In 2004 she decided to join Pascal, with the firm intention of supporting her husband and developing vineyard’s business. Dynamic and turned to the others, she works among the vines, even winning competitions for her pruning skills, but above all she develops commercial side of the business, bringing huge enthusiasm to work and searching always   new fields for increasing the brand's notoriety.

Thibaut, the nature lover

A fifth-generation wine-grower, Thibaut is just 20. He arrived at the vineyard recently, after having completed his oenology wine-making BAC qualification. Both epicurean and observant, he shares his father's passion for grapevines and brings a fresh perspective to the great family adventure that is Pascal Lejeune champagne.